Thursday, December 11, 2008

outside the show

words can't describe how cool MOCHI is.

maybe my favorite photo i took the whole trip.
mark drew and his 60 panshovel

the crazy fast cracker is crazy cool. -tom foster-

fawn john jasin.

needing sleep


NAO said...

Hey MAX.
I'll go to SF next year!!!
Say hi Jasin.
See you next time......

shiftace said...

nice picks, thanks. that drews pic needs no essplainin. perfect and the gasser behind Foster..more pics?

abes.f. said...

how much does it cost to ship your bike to japan?

max schaaf said...

i dont know??
again... we didn't pay.

LivingMinimal said...

Like Mochi's ride a great deal.

Armpit Studios said...

That teensy gold tank and the gasser made my day.