Sunday, September 7, 2008

skateboarder -Van Wastell_ dies at the age of 24.

way to young to die and i heard suicide.
a kid that had so much natural talent and
so much personality. we will miss you man.


B. Ferdinand said...

what the fuck max? 24 and suicide on a skate trip?

Jaybird said...

Bummer dude! i heard fri. nite..been watching the krooked vid for him

Anonymous said...

oh man. much love to his family. damn suicide. R.I.P. van. We'll miss you!

antihero1972 said...

RIP he was such a ripping skater and way too young. No body is saying suicide, this is the 1st I heard that, I thought he fell out a window. either way a young life wasted.

Icky said...

Fuckin' blows, dude.
It's been like a morgue this week around the DLX warehouse.
Dude skated like butter - like I never will/would.