Tuesday, March 17, 2020

March 17. Bay Area " shelter in place" corona virus day

thanks for stopping by, I've noticed people are following suit and putting energy into these blogs again. happy to see that. It puts energy back into individuals hands, and puts less into the big cespoul of crap. I believe its a better forum for an individual. we'll see

this light

   this love

this temple

this lady

this hummer tank getting reworked


Rhynchocephalian said...

Thanks Max. I feel the pictures and agree with you on the strength that a blog can present as a medium for communication. Sometimes it feels like a portal into another person mind. Maybe, maybe not?

Keep on, keeping on.
Thanks again.

drsprocket said...

No distractions from projects now! Time to work in the shop. Good books on the shelf next to the can goods. A corn cob for backup. Let's do this. Summer should be good to go!

747 said...

This is good.

D.Car said...

I’d like to see more about that pan with the two up seat. I remember you posting something on it a while back but never saw a lot of photos. I think the motor was from Sam smyths brother?

Andy said...

I hate how blogging as a platform essentially got abandoned across the board for social media... but I'm happy to see some life cropping back up into some of the blogs I cared about the most - this one included.

Noot said...

Very Good Post - Great Photos too !

max schaaf said...

hell yes guys. thanks for checking in. D.Car I'll be posting more about that pan,I got it back and need to do a few things to it.
Rich Dr. Sprocet. You're right man. I got time. Had my nose in books, cooking at home, and just taking it slower.