Thursday, January 30, 2020

Not on every sunday xlch

i really had no idea how much fun the XLCH is.
i also like the lunchbox square oil bag..... I'd never change it for the more popular
earlier one. Its funny how things trend, especially when the esthetics aren't more appealing.
  Regardless, I've known Toby and Sara for a long time now, somehow we've all ended up with
these early sportsters.


drsprocket said...

91 years and counting. 1929 DL to the new 2020 XL Sportster. The iron head is the Shovelhead of the middleweights. I love the emblems on Sarah's bike and the gators.

Andy said...

Been eye'n one of these for my next bike. They look super fun!

Noot said...

You been missin' out Max . . . join the early CH club ! Cool !

Johnny W. said...

Great bikes ! 4Q forever

Johnnyboy said...

Pre-70 XLCH, awesome raw machine, set up right-no trouble,dependable. Set up right-smoother than you think! Magneto-best invention ever!! No battery-freedom.