Sunday, May 15, 2016

maybe a song, or a poem or a thought grouped into words

    dark clouds don't look down
 and try to take me back,
 let me sit against the old oak tree
 with the cool green grass between my feet
listening to that little bird sing that song that says
 -you've been looking for this happiness for so long-
 let these lines deepen from laughter around these eyes,
 i'll be the custodian for these good times.
lifes rules have been advertised
 since we were young enough to see,
to obtain white picket fences, costumes and misery.
but with eyes wide open now, and this heart awake,
 those rules hold no stake


Sheabones said...

This is great! I totally hear a slow burning melody in my head when I read it!!


looks like some adventure, get after it

dave said...

sing it badman... let them lines grow deeeeeep