Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jim Harrison December 11, 1937 – March 26, 2016. Thanks Rich (dr. sprocket) for turning me on to his books.

 yesterday we lost a really amazing writer. Often compared to Hemingway, too often. Bit i read this really good piece about him and about that comparison.... it went something like "Jim Harrison is not as much like Hemingway but more like one of the characters in Hemingway's books"

His poem below holds a lot of weight about his take on life.

Harrison's life was the subject of his 2007 poem "Water."
Before I was born I was water.
I thought of this sitting on a blue
chair surrounded by pink, red, white
hollyhocks In the yard in front
of my green studio. There are conclusions
to be drawn but I can't do it anymore.
Born man, child man, singing man,
dancing man, loving man, old man,
dying man. This is a round river
and we are her fish who become water.



Havent read one of his books, im gonna take your word for it and read it, sounds good.. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Hemingway was a poser..JH was the real deal

Unknown said...

He was the best. Thanks for posting Max. I live in Livingston and have had the pleasure of seeing him around and hearing some really great stories. I never had the opportunity to meet him but that is alright. It was just a great thing to know we were sharing the planet at the same time and maybe the same bar stool.

MP said...

My favorite author. Everyone talks about his novella "Legends of the Fall" but in that same collection is a story titled "Revenge" that is one of the greatest pieces of fiction ever written. It also became Kevin Costner's best movie. Check it out if you think Costner is an idiot (he is, but made one of the few smart moves in his life making this movie from 1989).