Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ride it like you sold it. taking the $25 knuckle down the coast for 400 steady miles of happiness.

paso robles... they used to have a good car show in this town, now it's just a place to rest 

 that little bar off the 1, above santa barbara..... you know the one.

pornography, legs open, ankles on shoulders, expensive gold plated underwear, and a tight hole.

 i love my new joe king helmet and i'm not kissing paulo's ass because its probably hairy or shaved from his body building days. stainless kickstand bracket with double trouble toggle, extended the shift arm 1 inch, generator haircut, and dylans homemade bates clutch cable from  period correct chicken coop wire.

lubrication and maintenance is important.  Don't eat fast food, it's horrible for you and our planet,

  everybody wanted to buy a $25 dollar ticket from us even the fuzz, the long hug was awkward and i'm still not sure why he made me bend over and touch my toes.

  it was about 105 degrees in the valley, there was no place more welcome than chattys. cold beer, friends and stories, kind of how you would dream being in a "cool grown up situation" as a kid might be. I'm joking but i'm serious too.... it just feels corny to write that and makes me feel vulnerable about my thoughts.

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two_pan_dan said...

too cool fool. great post

jaybird said...

glad you are back updating this blog .

Bastard said...

Cold Springs Tavern..

Concrete72 said...


D.Car said...

Keep the blog updates coming! It's great to see the photos in better detail than Instagram

Sheabones said...

Stoked to be reading these again...keep 'em coming!

Dan said...

so glad my pc is up and running again. radical as always. right on Max

Phil said...