Wednesday, February 25, 2015

~~ the oakland minute ~~ #11

over the hill and into the air
 the homies
 taco sinaloa e.14
 jeff in a genius
 i think the word is cute
 above all things i consider myself a pancake artist
 my child
 my lunch
 my helpers
 my buddy Jeremiah visited
 Jon in Portland not Oakland
 most days i don't want to be around anyone, this day i was so glad that was not the case
 she's alive and well. "female rider" lil sara


Phil said...

Your lunch looks delicious and your child is Majestic.
Keep on Keeping on.

JLuf said...

Glad your back, don't take souch time off. We are frozen in New England, need the content now more than ever. My daughter would appreciate your pancake artistry

JLuf said...

So much*

max schaaf said...

on it Josh. i won't talk about the weather here. It will only make matters worse.

PatMan said...

You were dealt a good hand.

JLuf said...

It's not so bad, I don't mind the cold weather. I shouldn't complain so much. Gonna be out your way in September. 3 maybe 4 of us. Riding up the coast to Oregon. Would love to catch up and buy you a beer.

Sheabones said...



fresh barbed wires and vogue tires

Throwback said...

Always liked the Oakland Minutes.

Royce said...

the times.

Paulo - Joe King said...

missed those to see them again!

Dan said...

i like this

im not a rObot

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