Tuesday, July 22, 2014

_ the numero group_ sent some rad tunes

thanks drew, totally digging all the new music. 


two_pan_dan said...

I guess my thumbs up was invisible..... But "thumbs up" haha

Hobolegs said...

Hey Max,

I kind of felt pulled to reach out to you. Always been a fan of your skating and the stuff you've been putting out for years. From the motorcycles to the Vans that came with the handlebar grips, it's always been stuff I've been stoked on.

Me and my buddy cracked up over Real commercial you put out a few years ago for the 4Q69 deck with the psychedelic colors. He got one, hung it on his wall and I endlessly tried to trade my shit for it.

"No way, dude!' was his response. "You can have it when I die!"

Well, Max. He died. He got taken out by a SUV a few months and it's been a total bummer for anyone that's ever met him. He was a rad a dude and a fan of yours, so I thought I'd let you know.

His folks put the board up in his childhood room with all his other skate stuff. I'm leaving it up there out of respect, but I haven't been able to find any other of those decks anywhere.

If you know anyone at Real or know anywhere they have em for purchase, I'd be eternally grateful. Just looking for a rad reminder of my skateboard bud and the tastes we shared over funny stuff, like skateboards with motorcycles and boobs on them.

Take care Max -


max schaaf said...

fuck Sean.... heavy duty. I'm really sorry to hear that. I know what it's like to lose very close friends.... such a feeling of loss and feeling lost. Let me see what i can do.

JLuf said...

What board? The one dice just did but the regular color way? If so I have one that's lightly skated I would be more than happy to part with for a situation like this. Let me know Max

JLuf said...

Also Sean, if you see this before Max let me know.

max schaaf said...

josh... that's way cool of you.
i think i have lead on one.

Hobolegs said...


You're the best. Any help on the search would be awesome. I have literally spent hours searching shop websites, catalogues and eBay for a deck with no luck. If you think you can find one, man, I don't know...that would just be the coolest thing ever.

Also, thanks for the kind words. No other way to describe it then "it sucks." It's so unfair to lose such a good dude. It's the worst.

Josh - I'm looking for the deck with the Kaleidoscope colors, if you have one let me know, I'd like to buy it from you.

Thanks again Max,

Lifelong Fan.


doomchild13 said...

yeah, Josefus - that's the shit!