Monday, July 14, 2014

bf6 2014

deep throat hot dogger, so bummed that the size of hot dogs is progressively shrinking in size

two of my favorites
                                     hey watch it!
 tom fugle american legend 2014
     what goes up must come down
  B double EE Double RR un brew ski run. This is how they built the pyramids
  i don't always like myself but i really love the 3 there people in this photo.


Paulo - Joe King said...

that cooler photo is so rad! good times!

Dan said...

the flip flop head drop photo, the cooler pic, Tom's pan...fuckck

Jeremy said...

Where might I aquire a set of handlebars like yourself in the last picture?

Screws Hampden said...

BF6 was my second Born Free trip from Baltimore, there was so much to see this year... bummed I didn't see you, you're truly an inspiration for a fireman from the other coast. You, Jason, Nick, Grant, Mike Davis, et al remind me that it's okay to let go of all of the bullshit and just create, ride, and be good to other humanoids. The rest is stress, lies, unappreciative zombies, and the such.

Won a 52 Panhead from a raffle earlier this year from the purchase of BF6 tickets via lowbrow and Grant and Mike. Presently selling my Triumph and starting to build a bike around this beautiful gift that I hope to ride to BF7. I remember you riding from Oakland to Brooklyn a few years back, I shaked your hand and we talked for a few in Brooklyn and you had scabs on your ass from that ride or something. I take pretty good beatings at work in fires and the such, hope that's prep enough for such an undertaking. Anyway, thanks Max.

Johnny Dub said...

Dang granny's got some whompers!