Friday, April 4, 2014

found these online. 2007

they're a lil too high def for me but nice shots none the less.
just a bunch of stuff "some skater bolted together"
i'll stick to this kind of thing, it's what i like and makes me smile.
not trying to reinvent the wheel, don't want a bike that looks like
the space shuttle or a car. some things are rad for a reason, because they are purely
just rad. they ignite something time less and forever.  i really like the beginning
of led zeppelins song (when the levee breaks) and i really like
the beginning of Fugazis (waiting room).... i think i always will.
Remember when Sammy Hagar started singing for Van Halen, that
fucking sucked so bad. More range, more technique with his voice, maybe?
but it lost it's balls and no longer made you want to jump off the back
of the couch and kick your brother in his head. 
By trying to do  something so different it's already wrong because you're trying
so hard, maybe those crazy pipes or bars or both got so much attention
cause they looked totally tough. In the end that new shit.... how does it
feel 100miles from home? Does it create the same feeling as your first bike
did when you crossed your first state line? 
have fun putting your bikes together, have fun puttin
down the road. 


Sheabones said...

Van Hagar was pretty horrible. And when we thought it couldn't get worse, it did for just a minute:

(your 4Q knuck is still my all time fave, btw)

jason webber said...

"Don't get eliminated!"

JLuf said...

Pssssh none of those would win Discovery Channel Chopper Build off... I feel you on the Van Halen thing though. Kill em All made me wanna jump my go kart and try to run my sister over while she fed the rabbits, the Black Album made me want to give it to my fifth grade teacher Mrs Decker

B.C. said...

Nothing feels like my first bike and crossing that first state line.But I will continue to cross them,just in case.

Unknown said...


Bruce said...
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Bruce said...

I can't swim but I can dog paddle

Anonymous said...

Not only was it bolted together by a godamn skateboarder, but it also opened the eyes of another skateboarder, who saw what an actual chop is supposed to look like, and has been hooked ever since. That'd be me. Thanks Max. Keep it up, fuck'em all.

max schaaf said...

right on.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Just be you man, whatever that is . . . Kenny Blankenship never tries to be Vic Romano.

David Vandiver said...

Somewhere in the Twighlite Zone....It should create the same feeling as crossing that state line for the first time in the sense that Free Will does not exist and making the pipes and crossing the state line were meant to be when you were born. Were you really trying that hard to get the pipes and handlebars to look that way or was it already in your head years ago when you were born destined to be shaped that way? Maybe you were having a hard time at that moment putting the pipes and bars together because the non-exsistent of Free Will made it that hard for you in the first place. I don't even know if free will exists or not but it is just a thought somewhere in the twighlight zone. In the end what matters to you is very important. Later, David!!

Duane said...

I believe this marks the first time I have ever seen Sammy Hagar and Thich Nhat Hanh mentioned together in such close proximity. Kudos on that. Oh yeah, those bikes are pretty fuckin' bitchin', too.

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