Friday, March 21, 2014

Australia tour part 4. The end.

a simple game of 3's that turned into a $500 game. even the bartender got took.

natty lite.

shabby chic beens&dines. i just trade marked that &

paint work i did over on the gold coast

 but using kangaroo meat and vegemite instead of salsa.

2015 prius

when it rains at pizzey you cry inside and drink on the outside

so at the pizzey demo all these dudes showed up. they rode a long time to get there. they let me take a spin... good dudes. chopper-ing is alive over there.

man down

furry calamari with his tribe.

that's a wrap. sunset salad station. go to Oz if you ever get the chance.

thank you fourstar and hardcore. love you guys.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Wished I'd known you were on the Goldie and at the Piz, stoked you had a good time.

Louis David said...


JLuf said...

Looks like a rad trip, good to see the older dudes still on the road ripping it up and living life.

JLuf said...
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Dan said...

let it rip

TuRk said...

thats rad those doods rode out there, mike jonze, the one with the pull backed shovelhead is such a badass coolass dood.