Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Deaf Women, Meat Hook Sissy Bars, Melted White Shoes, Forgotten Women, and Life goes on.

Story and photos from Carey about his Dad.

 Carey... thanks man. I Love this kind of stuff. Not just a random
cool photo, but the history behind them. thanks for taking the time.  -max-

email #1

Hey Max. Just listened to your radio show and got a good smile out of the stories of growing up and the simple things in life.  I thought id share my dads bike with you since I thought you would appreciate the weirdness of it being a swing arm hermaphrodite. My dad Shannon bought the 63 flh in the late 70s for 2400 bucks and turned it into the flying pan. He's told me a story of throwing a woman off the back at 40 mph in the late 70s  since her white shoes were burning on the pipes.  Fast forward twenty some years and all I knew growing up was that his bike was the best in the world since it had trophies and he told me it was the best. A few years back I was turned on to your blog and got really excited about the way your bikes looked and it got me really excited to fall back in love with bikes all over again. Anyways just wanted to share some old photos of my dad back when and a few from these days of it sitting in his garage untouched and thank you for being so passionate and building beautiful machines.

You are more than welcome to post it on the blog. A little more info. He had browns gold plating gold plate the engine in 14k gold in 1981 and said his best years of being in a relationship were dating a woman who was deaf and he'd go out in the garage and rev it as loud as possible. The sissy bar is a meat hook taken out of a butcher shop. The bike has been up to 150 mph down Stark street in Portland, OR. The story of the woman as told earlier was my father picked a woman up at the bar. He's a firm believer that a woman doesn't belong on a Harley so he has no pegs and the meat hook sissy bar was to hook them in the gut. This woman insisted she go for a ride. Her white shoes started to melt on the pipes so he threw her off the back at 40mph and said he never looked back or saw her again.


JLuf said...

It's so rad seeing old photos like this, they tell so many stories just looking at them. It's even better when you have personal stories to share. This blog since day one has been so inspirational. Thanks Max and the many people who have sent photos, stories and anything else to be shared with all of us. Greatful for this blog and the bikes you build, nothing but respect.
Ps- throwing a chick off your bike is a little rough though, just saying

WhitelinePsycho said...

What Josh said . . . chick ditching at speed, a bee's dick tough.

max schaaf said...

i know you've been here since the start, glad that you still are... thank you for your words.
yep, agree with the chick thing but hey, makes good print.

antihero1972 said...

hey max just listened to your chopper prophets interview. man great stuff really enjoyed hearing the stories of you growing up, sure did bring back memories from my childhood as we are the same age. Thanks for being so true and passionate to something I hold so dear to my heart. As the other guy said above I too have enjoyed the blog since day one. keep on doing what you love, it really shows thru your builds.

Throwback said...

Rad bike,Radder stories, Raddest shorts. I'm going to go ahead and label this guy a term I hear getting used alot lately and that is a "BOSS"
Keep um coming Max.
Not to bag on InstaGradify "I use it and indulge on it as well" but, I'd much rather see 2 quality posts a week than 3 out of 300 a day.


thanks for sharing that... that swinger is sikk

max schaaf said...

throw back... yea the instagrad thing has gotten pretty rough,.... did i tell you about all this shit i have for sale??? well here i am again and now my shit for sale is on sale.....it's given false security to people that don't really ever ride, and it's just a quick hit of crack. think it lacks substance. but anywho, i'll try to keep up on quality not quantity.
grumpy and buzzard, thank you.

josh r said...

Did I tell you about the shit I have for sale that I just bought at the swap meet 3 hours prior? #instabrag