Sunday, December 1, 2013

can you hear that laugh? i can. my buddy brian "garcia" takes some bitchin photos.

this one is from when we rode out to the EFMC 50th party. in search of nothing but a good time, an open mind, and to pay respect to the dude that is constantly blowing minds. Tom Fugal.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Inspiring stuff, so clean . . . cheers for the tip on Vimeo trip doco Max, as soon as I looked it up I realised I'd seen it a couple of years ago here or somewhere else, too good.

Louis David said...

who's the coolest dude around choppers ? well apparently its Tom!
really liked that part of the interview actually. Its so true what you said about that guy not being exposed for decades. And now getting a bit of recognition (or fame who cares)
It s humbling to see these old dudes, and to be a witness of all this history. No matter how hard we try, we 'll never be as cool as these guys.

Garcia said...

Thanks Max. See you in Portland maybe.