Wednesday, August 7, 2013

summertime 2013

i love this time of year
 they bay is beautiful
 the clouds are a thousand different paintings
 cool nights and warm days
 friends passing through
 getting it while you still can


WhitelinePsycho said...

Real, always get it while you can.

Albert-one said...

that's cool! best season int the year

weirdovilleusa said...

Awesome! That shovelhead u built for born free is perfection!

Passage Tattoo said...

that lookout is awesome. thanks for the new desktop. dig that trump and your new shovel is tits.

Davidabl said...

Max I'd bet that this hasn't shown up on your radar
--and that it'll interest you
"Skating Through Life " Denmark.

Growing up skating in Odense turns out to be kind of like doing it in DogTown, CA

These guys are doing as your reader suggests:
"Real, always get it while you can."

Sheabones said...

That first pic made me realize that I'm really going to miss riding over the Eastern section of the bridge.

TOKKY DAVE CA!! said...

beautiful of PHOTO MAX

gogo said...

saw that pan with the chrome frame last time i was in portland... beautiful bike.

Greg said...

He was with us at the dude ride and also brought his amazing van...hope all is good mr.. Hope to see you and Max at the 1 show next year