Saturday, February 16, 2013

-- yesterdays wine --

 willie nelson and merle both sing these words well:

 Miracles appear In the strangest of places
Fancy meeting you here The last time I saw
 you Was just out of Houston Sit down let
 me buy you a beer Your presence is welcome
 With me and my friend here This is a hangout of mine
We come here quite often And listen to music
 Partaking of yesterday's wine
Yesterday's wine I'm yesterday's wine
 Aging with time Like yesterday's wine
 Yesterday's wine We're yesterday's wine
 Aging with time Like yesterday's wine
You give the appearence Of one widely travelled
 I'll bet you've seen Things in your time
 So sit down beside me And tell me your story
If you think You'll like yesterday's wine
 Yesterday's wine We're yesterday's wine
 Aging with time Like yesterday's wine
 Yesterday's wine We're yesterday's wine
Aging with time Like yesterday's wine

i've posted most of these photos before:

 my grandpas hair and hands.
my mom's weaving in the background
made on her loom out of textiles she
would dumpster dive for. cloth, plastics, varioous
metal wire. her art faded with the responsibility of
raising us.

this was once my home, and this was our
living room. so much canned clam chowder.
heavy racial contrast.
early daze. simpler times.
garage days revisited. all of us hadn't met yet.

she got a fixie, you had a fixie,
now you want a chopper.

my hero's have always been cowboys.
one of the leaders of action, pointed me towards
many a good books. i'll read his book. loose nut.
waking up before everyone else to get to j&m cafe
to get a little bit of burnside time together before the
gang showed up. with friends like this, i'll never understand
how i've let the jocks that judge me even matter at all. working
on it. actions, and words that matter.
many adapted the above
wardrobe, i'm headed for the below
life is beautiful
death is so brutal

nothing else matters

2008, we shared some
goodtimes. where ca turns
into or.
coastal cruising. growing pains.
good memories. the north oakland
chopper scene. 

pass it on to the ones
with soul.
-i ain't asking for much. i said, lord,
take me downtown, i'm just looking for some tush.

the king of beers, the best of times

no go.  free speed.
day turned to night, night
to day, i painted a car. a favor
was returned but never forgotten.
give back to the ones that give
so much.

insert logo here, over 40 male insecurity
read below:

a vehicle for freedom and
expression. the skatebaord,
the chopper, the paint brush,
an instrument. respect for it's
power. one chance at life, mistakes
will be many, laugh lines will
deepen, get it while you can, live,
learn, love. fear your gov't.
be yourself.


Paulo - Joe King said...

cool post! pre-birthday blues?

max schaaf said...

just reflecting i guess.
noticed today how many people
are cashing in. will always blow me
away on how much people will judge and criticize those that are a threat...
so happy to be apart of it, but the raping of it and sponge/vulture phenomenon can be a little harsh.
time to go for a ride.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Nice post Max, forty is where the real journey starts, subconscious satnav is sorted pretty much, life's too short to worry about jocks and jerks, just keep doing your own trip as always. Flashed back on 'Epicly' last week, you got it wired.

max schaaf said...

nice... totally, thanks.
when i say jocks of course
it's not a sports thing. it's more of a narrow minded joiner mentality.

Sheabones said...

Dalton Kendrick said...

Thanks for the inspiration Max. When one of us gets bummed we have the others to bring us up. This post was beautiful and made me realize I get one go, so it better be what I want it to be.

Rob said...

always a surprise on here, max. this time one that sinks deeper. a kindred perspective. the barometer scribe really drives it. good vibes.


Good am Sunday words to inspire...great pics as always..i think we all dont mind seein em over and over...digg that family pic...people hate cuz they want a piece of your kit kat bar..u have soo much because of what u have gave to others in my opinion...i call it good karma...keep on bein a Shredder...and yes "This Outlaw shit has gotten outta hand" as Waylon said...

max schaaf said...

thanks guys. keep it up.


Keepin it real, mangg!
.. Seems to be how most things work for us here in the states.. Everyone is out to 'Capitalize'.

Micro said...

Yeap to all the above. Life's good.

cattech said...

all of your skate pics takes me back to when i was a kid at ohio surf and skate watching all the pros

geminitaxidermy said...
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Dirty Adam said...

You do have to wonder what some seek in being on the indiscriminate cult "joiner" surface. I'm still young but the whole bike building thing has the same pure draw as skateparks did as a kid. The rage and question surrounding the leeches dissipates. Downing a few cups of coffee early, just cruising solo on a brisk Portland sunrise morning.. Hitting the curves, pushing the aimless trip further over the bridge.. Wondering why the warm gloves are at the shop.. Clear minds, goodtimes.. All while the jokers sleep.

mindpill said...


Jon said...

Thats when i was hooked. Seeing your bike(69) when you and Jasin came to town.

Jon said...

Thats when i was hooked. Seeing your bike(69) when you and Jasin came to town.

Throwback said...

Nice trip down memory lane, mostly for you of course.
Like chapters from your book man.

Louis David said...

nice words. dont get it all though

matt machine said...

love that post max. love from us here.

special'79 said...

Very nice share, Max. Happiness and being comfortable with who you are may be something that many will never acquire. False things try so hard to fill life up and hide the simplicity of it all. Cheers from the East coast.

Dan said...

keep pushing Max. that's all that matters. people hide from their own reflections sometimes. you on the other hand are centered and doing shit right, you have been for years.

Squirrel Murphy said...

digging deep!! It serves our souls. Cold crusty mornings, Oly in a tall can, a quiet bar at 9am with your pony parked outside, picking paint off of your fingers as you wonder how its gonna turn out, playing David Allan Coe downtown Oakland because it's in the jukebox and tuning out all sounds as the the landscape overtakes you. Carry on Max, sit down let me buy you a beer.