Thursday, November 15, 2012

shooting real film.

 shot some 35mm
it's been a long time
but the challenge
is always fun.
respect to all those that
still shoot real film


Liz said...

Like that lil sara
pic, she looks happy.

max schaaf said...

hi Liz!
she said she was a lil gassy that day.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Love film like I love valve amps and analogue recordings, warmth.

Jon said...

Tri-x is all you need

Jon said...

More film please. I like the Sara phto as well. Better with a colt 45 in her hand.

Davidabl said...

Unless you have got your own b&w darkroom to process film & make prints I don't see how it's ALL that much different from digi..except for the waiting before you get to see what you actually got.
There's nothing like pulling a freshly processed, still damp piece of film out of the film tank and holding it up to a light & seeing how the shoot came out..
looking at the little screen on the back of your digicam isn't quite the same.

Any idea when's the rescheduled 69 no.5 gonna be?
i.e. how many days before it you're gonna issue a "all systems are go" announcement?