Thursday, January 26, 2012

oakland minute #7

i used to live like a rake in  a young man

the left side of
this sign reads a little weird

young corbin


huge human turd right out
of right side frame

you blew it oly

 maybe i'll start being
a photographer and start
using my full first name and
middle name

this guy broke down choppers
to me with mastatbatory vocabulary
he said "cool bike" then told me
the things he would change. next
year he will be a builder and i'll
be an asshole.


tcbinlacey said...

Bubble bath+PBR=Recharge ? You might be on to something! I enjoy the Oakland minute post, Keep them coming please.

Chadwick said...

Anal Pain Support

James D. Hendrickson said...

Some people don't understand when to run their mouth and when to just appreciate what is. I've done it myself and cringe when I look back. A wise man and a fool both once told me you can't buy cool, but I hope that guy redeems himself and becomes a brother who gets it. We need more of those. I know my opinion makes no difference, plenty of circle jerking on your bikes and all that but even if I didn't know anything about you if I saw your stuff it would pull at me like a perfect wave or a sunrise that makes your chest hurt. Stay gold.

max schaaf said...

Shotgun..... Very well said. Thanks for taking the time to think it and write it.


Cool words from shotgun. I meet the arm chair builders regularly.. what do we know hey, we are loners spannering and welding our lives away and those guys sit back and watch occ and think they could rebuild the world. I'm just glad at the end of their bullshit parking lot comments that I get to ride away, where as they go back to their cages, switch on the radio to drown out the sound of the kids in the back screaming to more of that cool bike.

max schaaf said...

fuck yea!