Wednesday, November 16, 2011

so I'm going to -do it-. this saturday.

it would be awesome if you came.
bring any bike you want.

i'm going to have some shirts for sale
with the image below.seriously.

-depends- will be written across the back
of the shirt in "old english"
or "old engrish" if you come from japan.

get gas for your "hawg" before the ride leaves.


Dan said...



The 48 is runnin sweet ...packed and bros shovel is now on the road...just got a call fir work!! DUTY CALLS AND I GOTTA WORK.....fuck!

Danny said...

Fuck. What will I do with my shortdong this Sunday?

Shrewgy said...

Just gotta say, there was some cool-as-fuck bikes on the run today! Oh and when I got home I noticed my run shirt didn't say "Presented by DEPENDS UNDERGARMENTS" on the bike, I want $5 back ;-)
Thanks for organizing this every year. Smiles for miles, friends for days.

max schaaf said...

thanks so much shrewg