Monday, November 14, 2011

gonna try to do this this weekend sat or sun depending on the weather.

tons of free shit
and a massive amount of sponsors.
longest doo rag.
shortest dong.
bloodiest burn out.
best crack

bike awards:
newest old school
oldest new school


jbfrmca said...

sunday would be better for me. just sayin'

The Doug Taylor said...

I would win NO award.

Unknown said...

How bout "Most complete, incompleted Bike"?

max schaaf said...

weather say's ran on sunday.but who knows?
new award for skinniest fatboy.

... said...

most period correct stock bike?

johnny said...

Widest narrow glide or narrowest wide glide


We gonna try and make it about newest redwing award..?

Danny said...

Sunday please?

I really think I've got this shortest dong award nailed.