Sunday, November 20, 2011

-4th annual 69 mile ride-

wanted to thank all of you that came out.
definitely the tightest pack that ever rode
out there. a whole crew of girls, "bro's" from
LA. young men, old men, brisk weather, brandon
officially rides a motorcycle now, cassandra
is still a maniac on her bike, johnny=sales,
sacto ronald made an appearance, grown ass man
makes another year, sacramento= thank you, a chubby
sober nerd even got some action, pommier= murphy's law,
it was a good time.
"thank you so much for doing this, i've been waiting
for it all year"..... is the best.
till next time.

i don't got too many photos.


Nick said...

Mucho thanks. Total life changer. I don't care what Jason says, your Dickies butt drives me nuts.

max schaaf said...

really glad you
came up. we can switch
jason's some time.

Shrewgy said...

The girls made their presence known, so stoked to see them enjoying some "sisterhood of the road". A good time that keeps gettin better every time! Thanks again.

Basket-Case said...

Not a huge turn out from sac crowd but the good looking bunch showed up....