Thursday, October 27, 2011

bro-zil -FELA LA PUTA-!

was lucky enough to get
to go down to Two wheels Brazil!!
great show, great times.
here we go... brazil!


jesus dave!! stunt finger.

yep sorry paulo.. and i didn't get
a photo of dave's first ever tattoo
above these beauties.

tat zappin

sign my mailbox...
sorry guy, almost as
good as the Teutuls signature

yes sir

"i said put you arm around my
ok no problem

Paulo spared no expense
he even had to show up our
partying by hiring the original
party animal. SPUDS.

they love their meat down there

who farted?

josh is the coolest

west and east

mr and mrs joke king
lazer eyes

Paulo -Eddie-Chrys- Daniel and Ava
thanks so much!!!!! great times!


Henrique Aires said...

Fela da Puta!

Edu Mendes said...

Glad to know you made it back in one piece, Max.
Hope everything worked out with your connecting flight to SF.
Great times. Hope to see you for Born Free next year.

dave herr said...

wow jason webber is pretty fat.

Paulo - Joe King said...

shittiest tats (3) I ever got! best time ever!

jason webber said...

He kinda blew it on that photo, its all about strategic camera angles to hide the girth. Max, i miss having your snoring to sing me to sleep xoxo.

max schaaf said...

I miss the bedtime bong hits.

Gorgo said...

the beard is ROCKIN' "it's's nationwide"