Wednesday, September 21, 2011

trip out......

some shitty photos
from my new york trip.

we got started right out
the gate.bradley
about to take me to outer space.

when tom fugle asks you
to help him kick his bike
... you kick harder than
you've ever kicked and then
you piss your pants.

tom and bill

my new lower back tat

the show was so good.
tons of bikes and folks

riding in NYC is intense,
potholes bigger than cars.

dave and wes
heavy moment

wes doing his thing
amazing space, rad dude.

oakland and chicago in NY

to everyone that makes this
show happen... thankyou!!!
still trying to find my mind.

the white knights in the
house of kolor!!! you guys
killed it.



Jesus Maxx...u look like Jim Morrison...looked like a awesome time .... Id sure like to spend an evening with Tom....fuckers period correct...hahahaha

Old soul motor company said...

Hey Max, great meeting you at the show.

dave herr said...

brian harlow = ruller

Jay said...

dude it was good meeting you, sorry I was so high....actually I'm not, that weed was good.

LoveCycles said...

part time lover. see you again soon buddy. love miAH

Matt Rennick said...

I saw on the book of faces that you got tattooed by mike lucena out there... a few of us from toronto took a little NYC moto-trip last month and got tattooed by mike as well... awesome dude, don't have enough kind words for him.

same experience with the potholes... holy shit! i thought toronto was bad...

Shrewgy said...

So stoked for Johnny, couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy! To BUZZARDSALINAS, Tom Fugle/period correct = AWESOME comment, still giggling over here.
Max, thanks for always taking time to get snaps and stories to share with the rest of us! Much appreciated, brightens up the day every time.

About This said...

diggin on that frame - love it