Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i been going through some old posts...

it's been a few years since
i started this glob.. here are
some randoms from the last few years.

... also check out -the selvage yard-
for a little team work they did with
scott pommier
thank you guys!

still one of the baddest

tim lehi

rocky is the first
and only team member on

I'm trying to perfect his laugh

it's always been a problem

my ex girlfriend

the baddest mother fucker

how many skateboarders
does it take to ride a bmx?


shiftace said...

found it by chance, changed the game. come here everyday by habit and it never disappoints. Thanks Max.

max schaaf said...

thanks dude.
and we have actually met in person.

Skot said...

So looking forward to more pinky T's - thanks for the update!!!

Gorgo said...

HA ha, did you know Rocky's mom was a biker, she died in 2006 when the tire flew off of her trike! stupid skanky biker bitch!

Smyth said...

Can we go back to that parking lot in 2008?

Anonymous said...


ND said...

That LEHI pic is great.

Jay said...

too bad dude crashed his plane, his shovel was rad

Unknown said...

The secret to the Burt Reynolds laugh is to move your mouth opposite to the laughter.