Sunday, April 17, 2011

mission: lake dingleberryessa

ricky's ride
had some back story but
i forget. he knew which way
to go and let us know. he even
had the "back" roads planned.
thanks ricky.. made a good
-leader o tha pack-
couple hundred miles
with some friends or a couple
miles with hundreds of friends.

someone crashed no biggie

man camping
oyster sauce?

rocky space next
to tweakers with pit bulls
or this?

with them

fire wood wagon
for sale? land pirate
not included.

..i say "chuck it down there"
some folks say "chunk it"

the main event

nature mother

moon-age daydream

pretty lame



good morning

that ol highway was my home
heading home


dave herr said...

rick is always the main event.

Mark Harris said...

I say "head butt".
Some people say "head bunt."

livingminimal said...

I'm living vicariously. some people say viciously.

Anonymous said...

some say ltr, some say rtl. looks like good times..

Above the City said...

Don't know if your site recommended Tent City but watched it the other day and it was fucking great. thanks.

Jerimiah smith said...

Rick puesy midwest pride indy for lyfe sonny mic son.

max schaaf said...

rick jumped his bike.... it was
nuts, some of us went to the far side of the lot cause we didn't want to get caught in the eye of the media blitz.... for some reason.
some events best left inside brain.

dave herr said...

true story, one time for no reason, rick ran a furniture dolly into my ankle so hard i couldn't walk for a week. i still have a scar. that was at least ten years ago, you thought i forgot didn't you chard?

Rico said...


Davidabl said...

For some reason (maybe the season)this ride write-up got me wondering if the Easter morning sunrise Mt. Tam ride is on the Schaaf radar? It's been going oneach year since the days that Triumph place T.T. Motors was on Adeline near Ashby. While not specifically a chopperatzi event, a couple hundred people on all kinds of bikes show up at the peak of Mt. Tam at dawn easter morning..a certain number ofYerba Buena folks among 'em though the club doesn'torganize anything. SFMC does, and leaves their clubhouse at 5 am..
I mention all this because i know that you and your readers won't be Easter egg hunting that morning :-)

rickless life said...

Dave, never forget. You still gonna get my name tattooed on yer' ankle?! HAHAHA...

max schaaf said...

david..not gonna be able
to do the tam deal. take pics. have fun

Davidabl said...

Well anyways it's on the SchaafRadar for some other

Ailton© said...

Looks like someone slept on the top of his bike ;")