Wednesday, April 27, 2011

...from the filming of the real video.

my long time friend
Gabe Morford has been
shooting skate photos
for over 20yrs. He's shot most
of my favorite skate images
of all time. He's way wrapped
up in bicycle road racing now and
also was heavily involved in the filming
and production of the MASH video.
He sent me these photos from the filming of
the Real video.

side show bob

trying to look
like a dude that walks
by in the intro to the original
real video from the early 90's

i've got a semi


dave-E said...

The REAL video was sick. The soundtrack was also sick!
When I told my track bike hommies that Gabe Morford, the mash dude, was apart of a skate vid they all ran (as fast as they could in cut off skinny jean shorts)to their mac books and downloaded a copy to their iphone 4's!

Good shit! Don't hit the vert button!

matt machine said...

very cool.
hey max you still ready for that long black pan tank?


Anonymous said...

that's cool Max. Is that like a sub chub?

Ailton© said...

Cool vid!!! Skate & Destroy!!!