Tuesday, April 19, 2011

..all hail the king..

-joe king-


DeVillier said...

Yeah dude, that one looks fun.

Ailton© said...

Great idea to organize this event in Brasil, now i have a good reason to visit my family & party with you guys... I'm saving money already :")

CRIT said...

Fuckin' killer.

Anonymous said...


alp said...

seems like a cool event, my girlfriend would love to go back to Brazil. How will you guys take the bikes down there, ship/air freight?

DutchmanPhotos said...

Holy shit.. Travelling to Brazil for a chop show. That bad ass! Enjoy!!

Ailton© said...

Max... Like "ALP" already asked, how do you guys take the bikes there? I want to take mine also from The Netherlands and was just wondering how you guys do that.

Edu Mendes said...

We're working things out with a shipping company that handles short term import for movie productions.
They're experts in safe, insured worldwide shipping. Super nice guys, totally reliable and have the best rates.
2 Wheels Brazil is going to offer a discount package with airfare, hotel, tickets to the show and bike transportation.
In about a couple of weeks we should have the numbers all sorted out.
Please contact Paulo, from Joe King Speedshop for details about coming to Brazil and bringing your bike.
We're looking forward to showing everybody a sweet time in Sao Paulo.
Thank you all,

2 Wheels Brazil

Ailton© said...

Thanks Edu, i'll contact Paulo ;")