Wednesday, February 16, 2011

-speaking of photographers.........

one of the first bike photographers
that came by the house to shoot the hawgs
was m0-rice aka "the flying dutchman"
He showed up to shoot the 4Q bike back
in 2004 and shot the bike in front of the
garage(photo below) along with some other
riding shoots. Maurice along with people
like Adam Wright, Pommier, and Gonz from
hot bike always made shooting fun. All those
dudes i owe forever and thank for helping me
Maurice came by the other day on one of his
whirlwind photography jaunts. It was good to hang
again. He filled me in on his life over in Holland
including working for the airforce, travel, and
shooting photos of motor-x, bicycles, vintage porsche,
and the occasional motorcycle flick.
Check him out here DUTCHMAN PHOTOS
he also is a contributor on the COC blog
Nice seeing u Maurice. Have a good visit,
hopefully everyone else doesn't get
caught in the middle of a storm.

back in 2004



Paulo - Joe King said...

funny! had that knuckle pic open on my desktop the entire day today while I was working...

T.McC said...

I love that fuckin bike

Ailton© said...

Maurice is a very nice dude... :")

crow eater said...

yeah tilly is a ruler

crow eater said...

can't believe it has been 7 years since i saw that first pic of the 4Q. whoa.

KIRK! said...

4Q is still one of my favorite bikes of all time.