Tuesday, January 18, 2011

nude-ice #36

tons of "sweeeet" stuff
rick's falthead shot by adam
vallejo knuckle barn find
nicke's friends panshovel
keino's bike
and much more!

thanks for doing the spread
on my cross country tool roll.


CRIT said...

Your mailman must love you, Max. Mine has not arrived over on 4th & Jackson.

Ailton© said...

same here in Holland CRIT... i'm chilling at the mailbox till i receive mine :P...
Dice - Rocks!!!

... said...

its about the only thing worth reading that comes through my mail slot. and with that cover my paper chopper is complete.

Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

Nice looking forward to it, did the old sidehack make it in?

max schaaf said...

kevin.. it is in there. things cool.

also scotty's shovel
lots of stuff.

Scotty Scott said...

My shovel? shweet.

Ailton© said...

This issue is fucking KILLER (aint they all???)
Specialy Props 2 Niels Triumph 3TA Unit with coffin gas tank!!! Cool & The Gang :")