Tuesday, January 11, 2011

happy ---1.11.11--

below was on 1.1.11
the first day of the new year.
senior wong and i decided to take
a ride out to san quentin. Instead
in the middle of my severe brain freeze
my bike stopped chugging. On that cold, wet, day.
the first day of the new year....after 8000 miles
the mag's condenser decided to quit.


"LOUIE" said...

Love the Exit sign..haha

Liz said...

...and the boner license.

Davide De Negri said...

Magneto doesn't like rain!! put a lot of grease around magneto gasket to keep it dry. this is a good trick Mike teached me!!

Davidabl said...

I'll bet there's a spare condenser stashed somewhere on the bike now..in a ziploc bag.

OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

the sign is hilarious, well done mate!
And sorry for your breakdown, all in all after 8000 miles I guess she deserved a new condenser ;)

Ailton© said...

4Q mph? How fast would be that anyway? ^_^

mag195455 said...

Hey! Don't know if you know it , but guy on yellow with red flamed shovel is Joe Namath ( N.Y. Jets Quarterback). He made a B-Biker flick with Ann Margaret in early 70's called C.C. Rider. Love the old shit! Great blog , i check it everyday. Michel.(New York)