Tuesday, August 10, 2010

..adam wright..

adam- thank you.

i had you send the book to the old
address cause that way i knew a crackhead
wouldn't steal it. it was waiting for me
wrapped up in red white & blue.
i got in the truck and said to my self
"self, you can wait till u get home
to flip through these pages. self,
your couch at home is more comfortable
than this worn out bench seat."
....nope. no self control.
the next half hour was spent flipping
through your new book.
thanks dude it's super good. love your
idea of using all the guest photograpers
too. from pro to everyday schmo.
it captures wide vibe of those that love
to ride.
see you mid dead mans curve on hwy 17.

$50.00 Shipped.
PayPal fifty dollars to Adamwrightphoto@yahoo.com
*if he still has em?


... said...

if the bike business dosent work out for you, get a job as a writer, you just made me buy that book.

DeVillier said...

Thanks for the kind words Max. Im glad it showed. The usps is as bad as crackheads lately. So many great guys contributed to that thing, I'm amazed I was able to get it together. It shouldnt even exist really. Theres 100 left outta 400 if anyone wants one. All unnumbered, unsigned and uneasy. Its been too long between beers ese'.

max schaaf said...

glad it exists. it's a good
thing. thanks again for putting
the heart on the sleeve.
i'm here cruise by.
i got the cold gold.