Tuesday, February 2, 2010

--dave from berdoo--

sends some more gems

his pops and friends in the 70's



dave's crew in the 80's
the jump ramp, the natas and t.g boards
those were the days.

thanks dave.... super cool


Vilmino said...

ask dave if his pop was a snivelers (berdoo boys- Denvers crew), the first pic is on freddie hernandez web, also.

Dave "2¢" Derelicto said...

Launch ramps were the bomb.

Anonymous said...

Both bike photos are on Freddy's website. The old man was a sniveler, though they never officially called themselves that. Now he's the vice prez of the International Union of Operating Engineers, local 12. You might recognize the short kid in on launch ramp as Pancho Moler, before he moved out of the Dez.


what part of the desert is that looks like LaQuinta? what time frame was that from?
that the san jacinto mountian in the background if im right i lived there in that same time ...crazy shit..
cool pictures!

grantsuit said...

I thought it was LaQuinta at first sight too...now I gotta know.

Z&L Paving said...

Looks like Cabazon too.
I used to get laid cause of the launch ramp.
Good times indeed.

Venoms said...

Love the pic with the clubhouse../M Ring