Tuesday, September 15, 2009

..visit from japan!!

i met mochi a few years ago in paso robles.
i've always tried to keep contact with him.
he is a super cool dude and has a super positive
energy. him and his wife -hiromi- stayed a couple
days and we had nothing but fun.


trumpnut said...

as always , great
mochi takes the most atmospheric photos


good friends are hard to come by!

Marius Mellebye said...

Very cool rides!

Mochi said...

really had good time!!!!!!
thank you for Hospitality!!!!!!

hit it & quit it
Live it & leave it

sept 15 2009 Japan Tokyo

Chris said...

Like your coffeetable ;)
Noguchi isn't it?




Unknown said...

I've often felt sad that most American kids couldn't care less about cool American kulture, yet so many abroad (the Dutch, Germans, Japanese) continually mine it for all it's worth. looks like a good time was had by all.

Nads said...

Yup Isamu Noguchi, stunt cyclist from Nagoya.