Thursday, September 17, 2009

o.......wild style.......o

i don't know tamara
but she got one helluva
a kick!!
oakland, cal.


ftwdclxvi said...


(I would've gone with a triple exclamation point there Max.)

Stills said...

If the bike kicks back she would do a perfect handless cartwheel. Sweet Style!

thekettleblackest said...

More pictures of Tamara!

Ijneb said...

Where do you find these hot chicks on bikes and can you send a few of them my way

Davidabl said...

re the launch over the handlebars, back in HS a
friend of mine would tell me I could ride his bike if I
could start it. Took a few rides over the handlebars,as well as behind them. No cartwheels though, 4 point landings just like a cat.
Weighed 120~125 lbs at the time. Not much more than Tamara :-)

flatblackcapo said...

tamra looks like is a amazon or that is a tiny bike.I'm not saying amazons are a bad thing.I wouldn't knock it till I tried it.

Edu Mendes said...

That's just how I broke my knee back in '98.
Kicker gear on my XLCH broke a tooth and my heel hit the ground full force.
I can still feel the pain!
Watch out Tamara! old ironheads are real bitches.