Monday, September 21, 2009

not a bad place to
hangout at during a bike show.

vander built the bowl and
helps make it all happen. rad dude.

jeffro and A.J.
the less nuts looking one is
way more nuts. at the dice party.

thanks to all the white knights
and everybody that made this thing go
down. such a cool event. no vibes.
good bikes, good skating, good bands,
good people and a girl fight in the bowl.
jeffro thanks for the poster.
special thanks to j.copeland for all the


drsprocket said...

Glad you went Max. Did you finally get an audio and visual on Krazy Kevin? Good times.

Anonymous said...

hooting with the owls >>> good rolling with you Max at A.B. tell tony the altoids are always for share n --- you got a good lady make sure you keep her happy... see all you americans out there,

Jaybird said...

bummer i missed out..vander built the bowl in my back yard.looks like it was fun..i failed..ha haha..

andy said...

i think that is one of if not the funnest bowls i have skated.

Big Nick said...

Max it was good meeting you at the DiCe shindig on Friday!

Neil said...

Still hurting I am.

jeffrey said...

max..excellent to meet and hang out with you. thanks for coming and supporting the gig, it was more than any of us expected!good luck with the born free show..wish we could make it. you are welcome in town with us any time!

I Am Anthony Long said...

max says he needs more short friends.