Monday, September 28, 2009

--heavy metal parking lot--

long time ago parking lots
were just open land. in southern
cal lots of em farms, sometimes
filled with trees that made fruit
for a farmer to sell. his memories
of his land were of working that
land, keeping the soil thriving,
keeping his trees free from disease
and producing a product that people
would desire. that was then....

this is now....
warp to sept. 26 2009.
-born free- -motorcycle show-
morph that simple parking lot
into a motorcycle a show. the guys
that put the show on, mike davis, harpoon,
and grant.. worked to make new memories
on that land. thriving with panheads,
knuckleheads, pre-units, far out choppers,
low key jammers, and works in progress.
and producing a bike show that the people
would desire.

personally i slept 3 hours in two days
trying to finish the bike i was building.
kick started it at 5:08 am put it in a van
at 5:30 am. dorve the 400 miles.
arrived at the show 7 hours later.
threw up in a bush. got the shakes.
...hung out at the show for six hours,
loaded the bike back up and drove another 7
hours home getting home shortly after
midnight. i have a problem. and am well
aware of it. luckily my friend chris i went
down there with has the same disease.
... and when we arrived at the show there
were dozens like us. the ones that were up
for days.. hands bloodied, frantic and
frazzled. but all there for the same reason
the love of choppers.

* note ALONZO above pictured with jedwards
lost his new born son only days before the
show. i cant even imagine the heartache he
feels. an amazing dude, really cool he made
it. nice talking with you alonzo, thanks.

thanks to everyone the helped
put this thing on and all those that
got off the couch to attend it.
..... to everyone that wore their 4Q
shirts--> i love you for that.


Big Dirty said...

Nice Pics Max, let's see your Pan!!!

nic said...

you are a poet, sir.

circus leo said...

yeah i'd love to see pics of the bike you built!!!

grant said...

Thanks for not only being apart from a far in the begining, but to also put your nose and fingers to the grindstone to come down with you, your friend Chris, and the bikes. It's a big commitment/sacrafice that involved time, money, and mental/bodily stability. Bummer you didnt feel that great, but thanks for hanging in there and making the show that much better. we didn't get a chance to talk much, but i bet your ear was busy all afternoon with those happy to meet you, reintroduce themselves, talk shop, talk skates, talk hot dogs, or whatever. Bike looks great, get some rest.

Mike Davis said...

Hey Max,thank you for what you did. I know you were across the country in NY the weekend before and you have been working so hard to get that killer bike done in time for the show... and the fact that you did it and feeling sick too,that is somethng I won't forget[ we won't forget]We pulled this thing off with no problems and we all got along.I hope this event shows people that if we focus on what we love[the bikes]and let go of the bullshit! Good things are possible.

max schaaf said...

grant...right on and thanks. i had such a good time.

mike.... what you said!!AMEN

Anonymous said...

growing old iron, very good crop ya had

blacky said...

had my 4Q shirt on! sick bikes. was my first bike show.

lucas said...

there's usually a moment of clarity that comes just after throwing up in a bush. like "wtf am i doing here?" or "my god that's a hairy snatch..." sounds like you had the one that goes "this is why i do this..." after looking around at all the great bikes and feeling the vibes. bummed i missed another great event. but happy for you guys. we need more of this and less of "that." here's to NOT being disease free.

antihero1976 said...

It was good to meet you, although brief, I took something great from the conversation. Thanks for posting a pic of my bike.

And yes, the show was amazing. I hope there are many more!

dave-E said...

Saw you there. Wanted to shake your hand & tell you personally thanks for the beanies. Maybe next time around.

C.Earhart said...

Ahh fuck, I wish had that Delorean now! From all the praise of this show,I am extremely ashamed for not going!

TerryN said...

hey max who own the pan in the second photo

John Copeland said...

Looks like an awesome time and great show, wish I could have come out for that!

Cody said...

hey man did you paint that greenish blue tank on that shovel?