Thursday, June 25, 2009

-stockholm- is beautiful

slept on that ship

right here

anti hero = genius

even o.j. woulda said this one fit

brophy with a frontside feeble.
this park is right down town. and the bar
is across the street.


Dan said...

Diggin all the photos from your trip Max...looks like you guys had a rad time.

Anonymous said...

good stuff once the kid is a little older I will be taking him on some skate trips like this

Cay Brøndum said...

Hey Mr. Max. Great Blog very inspiring. Nice with a trip to Sweden, they are our nabos, and the good guys. next time visit Copenhagen 2. We will show you around, no problem. We got a lot of chicks on bicycles. As Matt Davis once read in DicE. BTW saw a very cool Mag (HeadZ) from Japan with you on the latest cover. Do you have any idea where to by that online? All the best Cay. (Copenhagen-Denmark)

nic said...

if the tits don't fit, you must acquit!

Mike Billington said...

i'd like to see more pics of malto's naval.

ben colen said...

sleeping on that ship would've been awesome if i actually slept. that bird flu was a bitch, i'm just getting over it now.

photoblog said...

i think i stayed on that boat.

ezPz said...

nice pics, welcome back Max! Still need to make it over to Norway and pay homage to my ancestors