Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i went away to skateboard in europe.....

and i was lucky enough to have the time
to visit my friend NICKE in stockholm Sweden.
Nicke and I always have a good time skating and
talking cycles.

a man and his pan.
this bike super nice and i really
like the new pipes.

Cujo on roids. nicke's extremely fucked up
sportster with knuckleheads... crazy machining
to make it all jive. made me feel wierd. very cool.

a what?? a duck. a what? a duck.
this baby duckie tried to off himself
by doing the duck walk in front of nickes car.
nicke rescued him and set him back in the lake.
his posse showed up in no time.
we tore off his beak and it's for sale on ebay.
check it out here

thanks nicke.
you have a cool life.


Gary Vs. Gary said...

That duck is wearing an eyepatch. Arg.

nic said...

you sure do live the good life, sir.

Nick said...

I've always been a big fan of that bike.

Hunks&Hot Rods said...

SICK SICK SICK! So good to have you back.

andy said...

looks like you guys had a blast, always good to see people going out and having a ball.

Rigid Hips Stockholm said...

Great seeing you Max, as always. And hey, thanx for the best tip ever - owen cleaner truly is amazing!

LUCKY said...

Max do ya have more pics of the knuckster like the cam side? I wish I had the bread to go over there and ride that gap and ride the skoot all over there on the other side of the pond!