Thursday, June 4, 2009

from the far east.....

Hwzn broSS
always hook up the good shit.
new kickers
and stickers
+ a points cover


Gomez said...

Whoa, killer stickers.

I would love a few of my own.

Oliver said...

I have the sand cast kicker on 1 of my bikes, its dope.
if you want this stuff, email them and let them know there is a demand for it on this side of the world. they dont believe me...


Thanks MAX
We are RENEWAL SHOP next weekend. 06/13
It comes to play.

Davidabl said...

Seriously, Could Max or somebody translate HWZNBROSS message for me? And I'd like to see their site.

Davidabl said...

I did my own homework;

Very fine bikes..and pics.

translation seems to be: "We're redoing our shop
next weekend. We're gonna be on it?"

Doc said...

You know shit is bad when fuckin' Americans have to rely on the Japanese to get kickers! These guys are true scooter tramps and I love 'em, but what the fuck is goin' on here? These bros got more Flats, Knucks, and Pans than we do (at least thats what it looks like in the pictures). Or, maybe it's because I live in the Northeast. There ain't a vintage Bobber within 500 miles of this place. Probably why I drink so much. Hats off to ya Hwzn Bross. I guess I'll just have to learn to love my Evo for now. Oh yeah, kick ass stickers!!??!!