Monday, December 15, 2008

My friend GONZ hooked up a couple bikes and we,,,,,

we rode a couple hours out to the country side
to visit tsuyoshi at FELEM SKATES. crazy skatepark
and cool scene. some crazy locals ripping too.

shit was cold.

pretty cute

danny takahashi and itsumi joined us for the ride.
made the ride even better.

my friend -GoNz- and his 49 pan.
that thing motors fast and gonz rides it like a madman.
Gonz thanks so much. we had so much fun.


JAMES WOE said...

diggin the finish on his pan...looks like a sweet trip.

Thomas said...

That 49' Pan is badass, rough riding!

Unknown said...

Yeah, 2 thumbs up on Gonz' Pans finish!!

Mark Harris said...


wendell said...

How long does it take to get your beard that full and awesome? Mine just sucks in comparison.....

nic said...

what's the story on the forks on that pan? are they peg-legged, or are those just some really skinny sliders?