Monday, September 22, 2008

hunter s. thompson photo. still my favorite.

we have all seen it.
but see it again.
looks a hell of alot like oakland to me
but could be s.f. cold fog.

goin for a ride, it's early, your body hurts a bit,
kick it , kick it , kick it,
your bike started up, keepin it going,... petcocks on?
they're starting up one at a time, one aint startin, two started at the exact same time.
your stomach is buzzin, god i hope my bike makes it. money for gas?? food?? beer??
clunk it into 1st, turn the wheel, turn the throttle,
hit the road,, leave it all behind.


Anonymous said...

318 Parnassus in San Francisco?

shiftace said...


mindpill said...

Amen... nice choice of narrate for the picture.....

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite post all year!

Jet City Jughead said...

"Alright Tony, make this one count."

I say it to myself every time I kick the thing over now. Sometimes it even works like it did that one time.