Saturday, August 2, 2008

took a ride up to OROVILLE yesterday in serch of some hens teeth. 300 miles.

came up short.
Translation: OROVILLE
ORO = tweaker
Ville: zone
oroville= tweakerzone
here is where i'm supposed to get all
preachy and say RIDE yer bike.
or just do what you want.
buy a prius. do some rap.
change a lightbulb. call yer cousin.
eat a bagel. wash yer cat.
shave yer head.


grant said...

a clean cat is the key

shiftace said...

I think changing the name of that bike from the "69er" to "Peaches 69c" is the ticket. perfect sticker placement too. i'm gonna go home and beat the cat since that bike fills me with lust and rage. Grrrr.

just for reference how tall/wide are those bars?

WARGA$$ER said...

i grew up jus down the way from the cemetery,,,thats d-10 jus outsideah marysville,,,,,you proly flew through the bitchen corner at my maws house.
sweet f stands,,,,,tryp

jbfrmca said...

man you should of called. i would of rode up there with ya.
btw i know of a guy down the street from me that has hens teeth but he wants baby seal teeth prices.

Jet City Jughead said...

Ww'll talk about hens teeth from up here. It seems like we have a lot more teeth still around, and not just hens ones. We might be able to get something going. Portland or bust.

max schaaf said...

Jb- on my way back i thought of giving you a call ans my friend rich but it was only getting hotter i had a full tank of gas and wanted to be the fri traffic home. good to hear from you.


wargasser-- thats nice country up there. that 70 is a good road. smelling fruit and eating constrution dust.

Unknown said...

I want to know more about the hens teeth!

Nads said...

Walking down the beaches looking at the peaches.

It was fucking hot yesterday, everytime we stopped we could feel the heat off the tarmac, it was worth it, I scored much hen's teeth for little scratch.

LivingMinimal said...

this post is the reason I wanna get a bike.

Tobin said...

I google earth'd it and it is only 3 miles from the bay to the tweakerzone. Kidding..... Thanks for the blog!

MS2 Terrible Twos said...

this post is exactly why i am getting another bike real soon.

FAKE DADA said...

fuck shit up.