Tuesday, August 26, 2008

-- off the wall -- vans on yer chopper in 1976


Andy said...

ok, every assneck has a mustache now.

they think it's funny, slick or some shit.

to me it, it's not. you can't walk 5 blocks in a place like Brooklyn and not been in hipster mustache heaven or hell (if you're me).

now... this dude is fully getting the stash done. he honestly took one look in the mirror going back 32 years ago and said... "now with this... i'm in pussyville!"

... he didn't wax the fucker up...
... he didn't make a cute smirk and take a picture of himself...
he just ran it and got shit done.

good for him.

god bless vans, fuck "funny / cute" mustaches.

scotthn said...

well played Andy, well played!