Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2from-oakland!! Jasin's 69 shovel.

69 H.D.
clean and tight.
fairing by cole foster. flawless.
i still need to paint it.
jasin nailed it on this bike.
a few hundred break-in miles with no problems.


Jet City Jughead said...

That money spent on fittings and lines paid off. Really purposeful bike.

hard life bikes said...

that motherfucker is badass ..godbless

shiftace said...

as if the bar wasn't high enough already. fuck. rad.

scott pommier said...

-what year is it?
-sixty nine

fuck yeah jasin, looks awesome, looks really, really solid.

Anonymous said...

out of control. great fucking bike. the wheels are awesome

Nads said...

That bike looks like business, tough as a black hole full of badgers.

shiftace said...

this thing is haunting me, you got any more pics? any angle, bigger, please??