Monday, April 28, 2008

totally p.c.


Nads said...

Japanese, so polite, yet so devious.

Ricki Bedenbaugh said...

Max, Yo it's Ricki. I'm new at this bloggin thing, so I don't know how to email you. Dude, my dad would be siked if you posted his bike. He's got so many photos that would be perfect for your blog, he had some great bikes back in the day. As soon as I get more pics from him I'll send them over to you.
By the way I met a buddy of yours at the Santa Maria tattoo convention, his girlfriend is a tattoo artist, and he's looks like jasin phares can't remember his name though.

max schaaf said...

i would love to get those photos.. and thankyou. yeah i think you met "davey". super cool guy. keep in touch. contact-