Wednesday, February 27, 2008

taking a week break from the blog world...see you next week.

1993 old real ad. my old street legal kawasaki 90. straight gangster.
rip off of too shorts "born to mack" album. this is one of my favorite ads
i ever had. gold spokes.

i want to thank everyone that checks this thing.
hope you come back.


TaylorSizemore said...

definitely one of my favorite blogs...
kind of an inspiration. so thanks... ill send you pictures when I get my bike done.
Also... that california license plate shape is killer!

Big Dirty said...

I saw Too Short a couple months ago walking out of a Dry Cleaners in San Leandro and thought to myself "Mack's don't wear shit Twice"

I said, "Whats up Short" and he looked at me in my costume and said "Sup". He then got in his big body Benz and rolled North back into east Oakland.

Moral of the story, if you a Husla, don't get caught doin your chores!!!!

Chop City said...

"she must be smoking and i aint joking max schaaf baby comn straight from oakland."

nfms39 said...

This is a Classic Album...